Polaris Research Group

Optical Systems Design, development, and R&D for Industry, Medicine, and Defense

Machine Vision System and Applications Design

OcylotTM Design Digital Microscopic Imaging Systems

Holographic Interferometry NonDestructive Test and  Applications

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  Practical and innovative Solutions in Optical Systems and Instrument Design, Digital Imaging, and Integrated Product concepts and Prototypes

Experts in
Innovating and Developing
Holographic interferometry Applications for NondestructiveTesting.

A unique US Laboratory Environment  
Dedicated to  Optical Design, Research, Development, and testing.   
Delivering Practical applied solutions and products

Contact Us:

Polaris Research Group
24400 Highland Road 
Cleveland, Ohio 44143, USA
Phone: 216-383-9480
 Fax: 216-383-9488
Chief Scientist:
Howard Fein


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